HBO Unveils First Teaser Trailer For ‘Watchmen’ Series | TV Trailer


After months of anticipation on social media, and HBO’s massive marketing campaign which played us with fake clues, the first trailer for their new series Watchmen is here.


The clock is ticking in the new Watchmen teaser, which was developed by David Lindelof, who you may already know as the co-creator and showrunner of Lost and The Leftovers.


We will learn more about what events are about to come. Starting with a dark chant “We are no one. We are everyone. And we are invisible“, singing by the population wearing Rorschach masks. Who is Rorschach? In the original Watchmen comic, Rorschach was a man whose childhood abuse and constant commitment to the ideals of personal liberty and responsibility turned him into an angry, lonesome vigilante.


The trailer introduces us to Ozymandias aka Adrian Veidt (Jeremy Irons), the smartest man in the world, and he’s looking a bit older than the last time we saw him in the comics. The police and the characters that will play important roles in the show such as Regina King and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, are also introduced in the trailer.


Watchmen is far away from the comics created by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons or the Watchmen movie directed by Zack Snyder in 2009. The TV show takes place in the modern day when the war is coming against Police and vigilantes.


HBO has not announced a release date yet, but we’re expecting the show will debut this Fall. Now, check out the mesmerising trailer to have a taste.




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