Hector Gabriel – He’s Got A Plan | New Music

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Hector Gabriel – He’s Got A Plan | New Music


Introducing Los Angeles artist and worship leader Hector Gabriel with his brand new single “He’s Got A Plan“, which I absolutely love, and I recommend that you check out below. This new offering is his first record of the year, and it comes on the back of his 2017 EP Sea Of Grace. There’s no word on whether “He’s Got A Plan” is part of a future project, but we’ll keep you posted once we know.


Putting aside his strong vocal performance, which carries the song, despite the simple guitar arrangements, it’s the lyrics of the song that really resonate with me. For me, every word in this track rings true to the T. I find my purpose in God, and I know with all certainty that He has a plan for me. Quick mind-mapping exercise for you if you don’t mind indulging me for a minute, as you press play on this one below, think about where your sense of purpose comes from?


Speaking about the inspiration behind the record, Hector Gabriel says, “Everyone has a calling on their life, but sometimes it’s just hard to see. I heard a man say once, ‘Don’t doubt, in the dark, what God has revealed in the light’. This song is for the person who KNOWS there’s a purpose for their life, but is struggling with doubt and hopelessness. My prayer is that whoever hears this song will find confidence in waiting on God; trusting Him. He’s faithful! And He’s got a plan for you“.


Quick disclaimer if you ever need it, I’m a sucker for contemporary Christian music and Gospel, and that’s what I spend much of my time listening to, and it’s only fair that I share some of it, so you will be hearing a lot of that music here, I hope it resonates with you as it does me. So enjoy Hector Gabriel’s “He’s Got A Plan” below and support it with a purchase here.




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