Helsinki Fashion Week Is Green Fashion At Its Finest | Fashion News


Helsinki Fashion Week came back for its fourth edition, this time in the beautiful Eco Village location in Finland.


Evelyn Mora is the founder and main design artist from the event; she is one of the most passionate people in ecology within the fashion industry. She has been running this event since 2004 and popularity for Helsinki Fashion Week has been increasing year on year.


The collection is focused on ‘The Hummingbird and the Lion’ fairy tale which is about a huge fire erupting in the forest and the Bird begins to fly back and forth bringing a drop of water every time in its beak. When the Lion asks him, what makes him think it can work, the Hummingbird tells him it might not be that much, but at least he helped somehow and did something good.




In fact, the designer used ‘Peace Silk’ which is made from the remnants of cocoons of silkworms, so you can spare a life, and the denim which is used for the creation of the jeans is twice certified for its sustainability. Tiziano Guardini, the Green Carpet Award 2017 recipient, was the main guest for the night.






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