Last week, Christopher McQuarrie officially signed on to return and direct back-to-back Mission: Impossible films, to be released in 2021 and 2022. It now looks like he may be bringing a few familiar faces back with him.


A THR report states that McQuarrie is considering bringing back both Henry Cavill and Alec Baldwin for a Fallout sequel. Now – spoilers – this initially made little sense to fans since both Cavill and Baldwin’s characters are killed in Fallout; Baldwin under the streets of London and Cavill in a spectacular helicopter fight.


But the report goes on to note that any appearances by the two would be in the form of a flashback. The wording is also interesting; McQuarrie is “said to be considering” bringing the two back, which might mean as little as reaching out to their representation just to see if they were interested.


That might be the more likely scenario, as any screenwriter would like to know their options when embarking on a script. McQuarrie wouldn’t want to write a screenplay containing flashbacks to Cavill’s August Walker, only for the actor to turn down the role.


This might also imply that the next film in the franchise is already being considered a direct sequel to Fallout, just as that film was a direct continuation of Rogue Nation. It seems that the days of the Mission: Impossible franchise existing as basically standalone films with a new director at the helm each time are long gone.


We’ll wait for more news regarding the film(s), as there’s sure to be plenty of interesting tidbits emerging over the next year as the cast and crew come together to gear up for what’s surely going to be an exhausting back-to–back shoot.



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