Here Is The Full-Length Trailer For ‘Room’ | Film Trailer



Irish director Lenny Abrahamson seems to be making a name for himself making emotionally captivating movies out of stories that other directors would make quirky for the sake of being quirky. Following last year’s Frank, in which Michael Fassbender wore a papier mache head for almost the entire running time, Abrahamson has returned with Room, an upsetting take on the domestic drama.


Adapted from Emma Donoghue‘s 2010 Booker Prize nominated novel by the author herself, the film is about a mother (played by the wonderful Brie Larson) and her newborn child who are imprisoned in a single room for five years- not knowing about the world outside, she keeps up the lie that the room is the entire planet. When the pair are released they have to readapt to the outside world. In the hands of any other director, this would be awards-baiting schmaltz; in the hands of Lenny Abrahamson, this looks like one of the best films of the year. Check out the trailer below.




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