Hey-Zooz Releases New Single ‘Millennials’ For Every Modern Day Parent | Music News


Hey-Zooz has released his new song “Millennials” which deals with the challenges of being a millennial parent. The lyrics deliver a timeless message that is simply put but relatable for everyone in that situation.


Hey-Zooz introduce his track with the line, “Bruh like, I can’t even imagine… Having a kid right now. But yo kudos to everybody who does cause… I just don’t know man. It’s just so much out here these days you know”, over a piano driven melody before starting his rap.


“Millenials” is taken from his second studio album, Welcome to Life, which dropped on March 11 and follows his biggest release yet, “Go” from last summer.


Hey-Zooz’s delivery has led him to be compared to J Cole while his versatility lands him comparisons with the likes of Drake and Tory Lanez.


The Georgia native Hey-Zooz grew up in Israel and released his first album Now Hiring in 2018 and has since then pushed the idea of ’33 degrees’, identifying the latent potential that exists in his music.


Hey-Zooz’s topics in his music mostly range from personal growth to mental health and he does not hesitate to speak about his pain and trauma in relation to his life or dive deeply into his thoughts as he clearly demonstrated through his 5-song EP Recovery in 2019, after suffering a severe leg injury. His versatility gives his story space to evolve and shift as he continues to surprise as an artist.


Listen to “Millennials” below:




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