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Where dark electronic pop finds the perfect meeting place with experimental beats, there’s the music of HEZEN. The award-winning London-based French singer/producer embodies, with her musical expression, her Caribbean, Tamil, and Jewish origins through a family history of displacement, resistance, and resilience.


Her music has been her personal form of escapism, leading her to write songs since she was a young teenager. She studied politics and her postgrad brought her to London where she discovered the electronic music scene and decided to start her musical path.


“Whole” is her new single. Her velvet voice sings slowly on the same tune. While singing melancholically, she is able to touch the deepest part of you. Her sound is her soul materialising out of her voice, pure and magic at the same time. This new single is an catchy hook, a trap from which you would never want to be rescued, listening the endless sad sounds of her soul.


This new single is part of Safe + Bound HEZEN’s second EP. She described it as “the place where I used to live for many years, until last year’s spring. That’s when I came out of a year-long episode of depression, and when these songs started to come out.


These songs are like little amulets I collected over a year, each representing a feeling, an emotion that, once upon a time, I would have tried to bury deep down. They’re reminders that there’s beauty everywhere. Even in loneliness and chaos”.


Listen to the song below:




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