Hideo Kojima And Guillermo Del Toro Are Still Open For A Horror Collaboration | Film News

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Hideo Kojima And Guillermo Del Toro Are Still Open For A Horror Collaboration | Film News



Last year gamers and film fans alike were left feeling incredibly excited when it had been announced that Silent Hills, a project that was going to bring one of video games greatest minds, Hideo Kojima, and one of Hollywoods greatest minds, Guillermo Del Toro, together to design a rebooted game of the popular video game and film series Silent Hill.


This announcement caused the internet to collectively “lose their shit” as this seemed like an all star tag team that nerds like us could only dream of. However Konami, the game publisher that owns the Silent Hill licence and the would-be producers of Silent Hills decided to cancel the game and fire both Kojima and Del Toro.


Why? no one really knows for sure, maybe Konami just hates money for some reason. Needless to say Konami isn’t exactly everyones favorite company right now, in fact #FucKonami was trending on Twitter for quite some time after the announcement was made.


Guillermo Del Toro has been trying to get into video games for years now


Kojima after his separation from Konami


But, some good news came out of the DICE 2016 event this past week as Kojima and Del Toro both made comments about their excitement to work together again after they both got out from under Konamis thumb. Kojima, who is now working for Sony Entertainment gave the comment “of course, (he’d love to work) on a game, a movie, I don’t care, we’ll do it”.


Guillermo del Toro responded by saying he’s “done with game development, except with this man,” referring to Kojima. “I’ll do whatever the fuck he wants”.


I feel extremely free right now,” Kojima said. “I’m trying to make a big, very edgy game with a small team…I have to do something that’s exactly what I want to do”.


Del Toro continue to express his excitement of the idea of working with Kojima by saying “success can be defined as ‘fucking up on your own terms.” So there we have it, maybe Silent Hills isn’t dead after all, perhaps they could just make the game that they had planned before and call it something different, ‘Quiet Mountains’ maybe?



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