Highasakite – Leaving No Traces | Music Video


From the moment you put this track on, you know that you are going to enjoy the next few minutes of your life, when Ingrid Håvik’s incredible voice and the slow introduction of the music graciously combine, you can only sit back and enjoy. Norwegian outfit Highasakite have dropped an intelligent new video for “Leaving No Traces” which features on the band’s album Silent Treatment, which was released earlier this year.


The indie-folk music fruitfully accomplices Ingrid’s voice, as she sings, “the earth is the universe’s eyes. And you set out for peace but got nuclear war and bashed in the eyes of them all”. Ellen Ugelstad, who directed the new video has created a clear depiction of human’s inability to live with nature in this video. The band start unclothed and surrounded by nature, but as they are dressed, nature runs from them, a simple concept, but one that works. Have a look at the new video below and download Highasakite’s album Silent Treatment on iTunes here.




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