Holland Releases A New Remix Of ‘Neverland’ For His Twin Single | Music News


Famous K-Pop singer, Holland has released a new remix of his debut song “Neverland” for his upcoming twin single.


He gained much popularity for making his sexuality the topic of his debut. He released “Neverland” at the beginning of the year and it is an alt-R&bB track heavy use of synth basses. It’s about a queer love and the emotions of a man who wants to avoid the discrimination in the world and escape to a place where he can love freely.


The song was accompanied with a music video famously depicting a rare same-sex kiss . The music video received a 19+ rating in Korea because of said kiss. The song was written by Holland and composed by Clayheart and the remix was made by AKB. The twin single will be released very soon and will be titled JULY.


Listen the new remix below:




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