Hollywood Movie Talk For Thailand Cave Rescue Operation | Film News


The recent remarkable story of the 12 Thai boys trapped in a cave in northern Thailand has drawn Hollywood’s interest.


The Tham Luang cave rescue has been the highlight of several news outlets worldwide. Following the successful rescue mission, there have been talks amongst film makers to produce this shocking real life event into a film. With the Thailand government already setting plans to create a museum for this attraction site, a film could possibly be next.


It has been reported that two companies are looking to make a film out of this event however people have taken to social media to display their concern on this matter. Some argue that the film would highlight international stars and glorify celebrities rather than focusing the story on what really matters: The Thai boys.


On the flip side, some say the best films are the films based on true events. Many would agree that when we see a film caption… “based on true events”, audiences are instantly intrigued as we cannot fathom that the story that we are witnessing on the the big screen actually happened in real life.


The 12 Thai boys and their football coach are recovering and video footage circulating online shows them in hospital in good health.



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