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Australian folk-rock band Holy Holy have released their new single “History” which is produced by Mad Redlich. This single is the continuation of a history that began last year with their two first singles, “Impossible Like You” and “House of Cards” – undoubtedly excellent introductions to talk about this group. The guitars and drums dominate the production, but it is also appreciated that the sound is not overproduced like many singers and bands tend to do nowadays.


Their new single happened partly by chance while they were recording in the studio, as against their natural impulses, the band created the track in one take, which accentuates the song’s pure and genuine sound for us. The guitarist Oscar Dawson explains that, “we could easily exaggerate the spontaneity of this process, but in this case we haven’t – it was that simple“. Below the line, you can listen and enjoy “Holy Holy”.




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