‘Home Alone’ Drug-Themed Revamp ‘Stoned Alone’ Produced By ‘Deadpool’ Star Ryan Reynolds | Film News


Anyone up for a R-rated, drug-themed Home Alone? Ryan Reynolds seems to be on board with the idea! Reynolds has recently been lined up to produce the Home Alone spin off Stoned Alone.


Stoned Alone will follow a 20-something weed grower who accidentally misses his flight for his ski-trip holiday (Much like Kevin McCallister). Heading back home, he decides to get high (Unlike Mr. McCallister). The character then becomes paranoid hearing noises of a supposed break-in within his house, not knowing that it is an actual break-in. With this, will come a story of a stoned guy protecting his household. Excited yet?


With the story-line set, writers are sure to humour audiences with this unlikely revamp of the original film. Ofcourse with Deadpool star on board, expect an R-rated theme to the film! Moving away from the family feel of the first two, we think children are best staying away from this one!




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