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Honest Iago has released their brand new single titled “A Glorious Field For Sawmills” with All Things Go. This single is the first from Honest Iago’s sophomore album 29 Palms which is planned to be unveiled next spring.


When it comes to the single and what it is about, Matt Fradkin who is part of Honest Iago, tells:


“I wrote the majority of ‘Sawmills’ while I was living on Pend Oreille, in Idaho, and Nick Norton came to stay with me. Being in an old lumber town that had reinvented itself was really interesting, even moreso with the political climate surrounding coal mining”.


“You have this group of skilled  workers in a field that is slowly becoming less and less relevant and more and more harmful, and there is an identity associated with it that is really difficult for communities to leave behind. It’s all that some towns have known”.


“Watching the trains go in and out of Sandpoint across from the clinic where I worked, I would imagine what the last timber train would have looked like and what the people on the train would be thinking, knowng that this is the end of the line”.


“Were they waxing poetic on keeping this mammoth train and cargo moving, pondering if they have the  drive to reinvent and keep themselves moving forward? Or was it just time to fade out with the sunset and smoke”.


Listen to Honest Iago’s new track here.




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