Honest Pop Artist Magic Island And Producer Mazzo Collaborate On ‘The Ending’

Introducing German artist Magic Island with her own unique brand of music typified as honest pop. She merges R&B with experimental pop and soul and mainstream music to deliver her signature sound, as you will hear on her new single titled “The Ending”.

Produced with ambient producer and fellow German native Mazzo during lockdown, Magic Island describes the new song “The Ending” as “a chilling gem” and “the perfect song the end the crazy year with“.

Magic Island began her ‘honest pop’ project when she was only 13-years old, sparked by listening to Camron’s album Purple Haze, having fallen in love with the sped up samples in the choruses on the record. She began developing her affinity for vocal hooks and harmonies, underpinned by studying soul singers of the 60’s and 70’s and their vocal effects.

She has since taken her music – permeated by haunting and unforgettable flavours – all over the world, on multiple tours across Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East. Her project can best be described as telling the story of a jaded soul and an innocent heart, with her incessantly addictive tracks embracing the profoundness, tragedy, and the magic of the world.

Magic Island released a new album titled So Wrong in May via Mansions and Millions, the indie label with which she is launching this new chapter in her journey with this new track “The Ending”.

Listen to “The Ending” below:


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