‘House Of Cards’ Season 4 Episode 1 | TV Review

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‘House Of Cards’ Season 4 Episode 1 | TV Review


It’s back. Netflix’s political drama that has changed the way TV is made and consumed. As of today all 13 episodes of the highly anticipated award-winning series are available on Netflix.


The first 3 seasons are essential TV viewing and the series starts with the same consistent and measured tone. I am predisposed to enjoying it after my reaction to the first 3 seasons, but I am always surprised by the slow yet tense rhythm. This is a political drama that has nothing to do with politics but everything to do with the desire for power and the despicable lengths Underwood (Kevin Spacey) will go to keep his power. Spacey continues his career best performance as the president trapped by the power he fought so hard to gain and is now more isolated than ever.


The show is an anti-West Wing that amplifies the perceived corrupt nature of politics. Until now the foundation of the show has been Underwood’s marriage which was left in tatters at the end of the last season. Not only is he struggling to keep himself in the White House but his greatest ally and fellow schemer expertly played by Robin Wright is making schemes of her own. The marriage has always been more of a partnership, that is now set on a collision course.


Outside the main duo the cast of underlings and antagonists continue to shine with the returning Doug Stamper (Michael Kelly) Jacky Sharp (Molly Parker), and Underwood’s official rival Heather Dunbar (Elizabeth Marvel). New additions include Neve Campbell as LeAnn Harvey, a consultant who helps Claire to seek her own position outside her husband’s shadow and Claire’s mother (Ellen Burstyn) who adds an element of Southern Gothic. There is also slow investment into further long term story lines with a return of a previously incarcerated character.


Bring on the next episode.



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