‘House Of Cards’ Season 4 Episode 12 | TV Review


House of Cards


As expected the self-set lofty standards of the show are difficult to maintain. The the main plot closing the series is some what far fetched, an American family gets taken hostage and demands to speak to Will Conway (Joel Kinnaman) instead of President Underwood (Kevin Spacey).


Whilst the preposterous plot continues the situations it creates makes for even more great TV. Having the Conways cohabit in the White House with the Underwoods invents some awkward situations masterfully written especially when Robin Wright discusses children. And the men square off in the kitchen with some great lines, Conway starts the altercation with:


What kills you is that I’ll make a great president, The kind that will be remembered. Isn’t that worse than dying, Frank? Being forgotten?


Conway is becoming increasingly arrogant with his lead in the polls, initially he seemed like an appealing alternative to Frank, but eventually has revealed himself as a different kind of politician who still shares many of Frank’s qualities.


Tom Hammerschmidt (Boris McGiver) has now also enlisted the help of former president Walker (Michel Gill) and intends to hit the current President when he is distracted by the hostage scenario, can this story really be the thing that takes down the Underwoods?



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