‘House Of Cards’ Season 4 Episode 6 | TV Review

House of Cards


The loyal attack dog Stamper (Micheal Kelly) crosses yet another line in order to secure an organ for his master. Stamper is becoming more and more unstable making his actions really stretch the presumptive suspension of disbelief.


This episode generates a chill in its closing shot with an icy stare as the president returns to his rightful position. This isn’t really a spoiler as everyone knows he would recover because this show belongs to Kevin Spacey‘s character.


The political couple have reignited their reunion in spectacular fashion by simultaneously seeing off the Russians and the Dunbar (Elizabeth Marvel) challenge. The slower moving chess pieces continue their protracted journey into place through the investigative work of the retired Tom Hammerschmidt (Boris McGiver) Also I suspect Dunbar may have a vital role yet to play.


Even when the realism is stretched the tone, tension and unpredictably unique nature of the show makes it a must watch.



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