‘House Of Cards’ Season 4 Finale: We Make The Terror | TV Review

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‘House Of Cards’ Season 4 Finale: We Make The Terror | TV Review


So season 4 of this groundbreaking series comes to a close. It is impossible to discuss the episode without mentioning the closing curtain dropper moment.


An inconsistent second half of the season suffering from self imposed high standards has challenged the realism but the characters have become more watchable than ever.


In the closing moment the Underwoods are no longer a sparring couple but a political powerhouse united unit. As predicted the same tactic of fear and intimidation used on Durant (Jayne Atkinson) has been applied to the election.


Frank (Kevin Spacey) utters the closing line ‘We make the terror‘ but he is not breaking the fourth wall alone. For the first time Claire (Robin Wright) acknowledges the audience as well. A chilling closing image that reminds you why you can’t stop watching these despicable characters.


This is in response to the combined Conway threat and Tom Hammerschmidt’s (Boris McGiver) damming article. It seems this article is still not enough to topple this President.


I have enjoyed every episode and relished more time spent with these characters. Whilst supporting such despicable main characters they have also been some satisfying softer moments particularly with Remy (Mahershala Ali) and Jackie (Molly Parker) finally running off together.


The second half of the season has been slightly weaker but a closing moment like that reminds the viewer what makes the show so great and unique.


I cannot wait for the next season of this trumphiant Netflix original. Hopefully the high standards will be maintained without show runner Beau Willimon.


Will the Underwoods ever get their overdue comeuppance? (I hope not)!



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