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Right after fronting the recently released EP from New-York collective Herbivores, Neo-soul musician Bel-Ami has just dropped his debut solo album Muse(ic).


The album was written by the artist, and co-produced with Errick Lewis (worked with Stevie Wonder, Jay-Z…). It also features contributions from Miles Robertson on keys, Bobby Wesley on guitars, Obed Calvaire on drums, and Matthew Hartnett on horns.


Muse(ic) consists of nine soul-imbued tracks, packed with delicious R&B textures and sweet harmonies.


Speaking behind the inspiration behind the piece and how the project came about, Bel-Ami says: “This album is raw and authentic. The sound and the subject matter is as gritty as the basement in Jersey, where the songs were recorded. […] I thought the most authentic way to record this album was to build the stairs as we climbed, so the bones of this project were recorded in a single live take, as we used each moment as a muse for the next”.


About the title of the album, the musician reveals: “Without a ‘muse’, there is no art, there is no ‘MUSE(ic)’. Adding the suffix ‘ic’ typically forms an adjective, which means ‘of or pertaining to’ and as such, this project is pertaining to and inspired by my many muses”.


Bel-Ami grew up in a family of musicians and singers, but it wasn’t until he went through a near-fatal car accident that he found a new purpose for his honest and free music. He released a very promising debut EP in 2013, called Know U, and seven years later, his first full-length piece didn’t disappoint.


You can listen to the Muse(ic) album right now:




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