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Feeling nostalgic yet? We sure are. The ’90s were a great time for pop culture and music, but the style wasn’t as on point — or was it? Even if many alive through the 90s would just say that they wore whatever they felt was cool and fashionable, ’90s trends are coming back and they are all over.


Looking back at a time that for many of millennials were their formative years, people rediscovered a lot of trends they forgot about. And now not only those who lived through the years are wearing 90s clothes but also teenage girls, thanks to brands like Subdued.


Subdued is one of Italy’s most popular high street retailers and has the aim of creating a look for effortlessly chic teenage girls. Inspired by the urban lifestyles of its customers, the brand has made 90’s and early 00’s must-haves its signature. And the popular teen brand has chosen to open it’s very first UK store just off Carnaby Street just last month, February 16.


From these years we can’t forget leather jackets (everyone has one, whatever colour it is), animal printed garments (this is going literally crazy), sheer fabric, velvet and much more.


So, check out these looks to be a perfect 90s girl with Subdued. Follow the Instagram page to be kept up to date.


The best part? The brand is super purse-friendly, with tops costing around £25 and skirts at a reasonable £22. Welcome to the UK, Subdued! Get shopping and share your pictures and who knows you could be the next Subdued Girl.



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