How To Dress Well – Let U Know | New Music


It hasn’t been long since we celebrated the release of Alt-R&B singer Tom Krell aka How To Dress Well’s excellent new album What Is This Heart, and now he has released a bonus track titled “Let U Know” ahead of the album’s next official single. This is because “Let U Know” gave Krell the name of the album and helped to produce a lot of its ideas and meaning so he wanted people to hear it before the next single.


“Let U Know” is a beautifully raw song and it has a real minimalistic approach that really brings more out of the lyrics, of which Krell bares his soul singing “now would it be strange for me to say that I don’t miss yesterday? That I don’t feel no past standing in my way”. Tom’s vocals are stunning and feel so honest, and are sung layered on top of a serene piano sound that together creates such a refreshingly authentic track. Listen to “Let U Know” right here.




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