‘How To Train Your Dragon 3’ Will Be Last In Franchise | Film News


Known for milking their franchises for all their worth, Dreamworks could have quite easily rung out How To Train Your Dragon until Hiccup was an old man and Toothless had gone to Dragon Heaven. Luckily for us, director Dean DeBlois managed to call time on How To Train Your Dragon and decided the third installment would be its last.


Speaking to Collider, DeBlois told of how he managed to stop the fun franchise from taking flight into a fourth movie and beyond; “I think I’ve talked [Jeffrey Katzenberg] down from that (laughs). There may be spinoffs to come, but my involvement and my dedication to completing a story that has a reason for being and a strong sense of integrity and three chapters I think is in place and intact. Everybody seems to be in agreement that we’re moving in the right direction”.


How To Train Your Dragon 2 was a smash hit, so no wonder they want to do another, but it seems to be that keeping it to a trilogy is a smart move in the long run, while people are still excited to run full pelt into another dragon adventure. The final film is supposedly about what happened to the dragons and why there aren’t anymore left, with a target release of June 2017.



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