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South London based electro pop band HUGH are launching their debut EP with the title track “I Can’t Figure You Out” which is out on July 21. HUGH is now made up of four members, but the core of the band comes from the partnership of Andy Highmore and Joshua Idehen.


This duo started the band after a random meeting in a bar, they later joined forces to create HUGH using both their knowledge and experience, with Joshua concentrating on the songwriting and the vocals and Andy on production and keyboard. After recording their first demo “I Can Be Your Light”, they recruited two new members to join the band including Martin ‘Tino’ Kolarides who plays the guitar and finally the beautiful captivating vocals of Izzy Brooks who completed the band.


HUGH bring together an eclectic array of genres in their music, with a mixture of deep house, textured R&B, 80’s pop and stunning acoustics, all combined in a delicate blend to create their blissful distinctive sound. Their debut EP is a true testament to this and brings nothing but positive vibes and beautifully layered vocals, that forms something so unique it is like something you have never heard before, but in the best kind of way. This EP and new single is out at just the right time and ready to be played on all of our speakers this summer, and with the undeniably catchy melodies and synths it is sure to bring the band nothing but positive things for the future.


When talking about the images and ideas behind the EP Andy explains, “the main idea behind HUGH and this EP was to combine my love of slightly left field electronic music with my love of great songs and catchy melodies and hooks, the songs on this EP show the broad range of our musical interests in the band, from the house influences in ‘Charlie’ and ‘I Can’t Figure You Out’ to the acoustic and ambient textures on ‘I Can Be Your Light’“. Stream brand new single “I Can’t Figure You Out” right here.




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