Hugh Jackman & Noomi Rapace To Star In Michael Mann’s ‘Ferrari’ | Film News


Michael Mann is one of our greatest living auteurs, so any news regarding his upcoming project is always going to be enticing. It’s especially enticing when two great actors sign on.


Ferrari, Mann’s next film set to explore the life of Enzo Ferrari, has acquired Hugh Jackman and Noomi Rapace to star in the film as Enzo and his estranged wife, respectively. Christian Bale was originally in line to re-team with Mann following their work together on Public Enemies, but he expressed concerns regarding having to put on weight for the role.


If you know Bale, his weight has fluctuated drastically for different roles over the past decade, so he’s wise to slow down a little. Now that Jackman has replaced him, production for the film is expected to begin in summer 2018.


Despite modest box office returns in recent years, Mann hasn’t lost his touch in the slightest, with Blackhat being one of the most underrated films of 2015. The aesthetic of all his films and his expertise of filming with digital creates movie experiences like no other, and imagining what images he could construct with Enzo Ferrari‘s creations at his disposal is mouth watering.


Unfortunately we’ve got a long time to wait until Mann can take our eyeballs on an orgasmic ride, so until then feel free to eyeball Jackman who’s currently starring in Logan, while Rapace is set to appear in Alien: Covenant in May and Netflix’s Bright in October.



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