Hull Rapper Chiedu Oraka Releases New Single ‘The Trials And Tribulation Of C.E.O’ | Music News


Hull-based rapper Chiedu Oraka released his new single “The Trials And Tribulation Of C.E.O” on February 19.


With powerful and provocative lyrics, the rapper created a song full of emotion, an aspect of the artist little known to his fans. He describes his own personal journey in the form of a souvenir story, supported by a deep melody and reinforcing the lyrics of the song. It’s a kind of reminder of the road the English rapper has traveled.


About his song, Chiedu Oraka said it’s his “most vulnerable piece of work to date. The trials and tribulations of CEO is a personal memoir where I open up about some of my most difficult times growing up as a young black boy in a predominantly white city. I speak about near death experiences, racism, and going to prison. This is a side of me that my supporters are yet to hear. So I’m looking forward to their reaction”.


The artist is also developing his own documentary series Black Kings, about the tragic death of Christopher Alder that shook Hull, his hometown, and was also announced as one of the artists supported by the MOBO Help Musicians Fund.


In addition, he is part of the driving forces of the Black Music scene in Hull, promoting and developing talents such as Deezkid and Joe The Third with his label Room 73 and his collective Lockdown, and bringing musicians such as Jammer, Tempa T, Devilman, and Manga St Hilare to the city.


Oraka also referred to as The Black Yorkshire Man also performed at the BBC Big Weekender in 2017, thee Humberside Street Seshin 2019 and has supported Stormzy, Jaykae, Akala, Novelist, and Krs One, to mention but a few.


Listen to “The Trials And Tribulation Of C.E.O” below:




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