I Am Night Announces Debut EP ‘Returning’ With New Single ‘Delayed Afterlight’ | Music News


Natália Borges de Oliveira, artist name I Am Night, has just dropped her brand new single called “Delayed Afterlight” and announced that her debut EP Returning is set to be released on September 17.


The rising Brazilian alternative rock singer now resides in Baltimore, and it is exactly there that she got to know musician and engineer Jack Kilby from award-winning Jazz 6-piece band Jack Kilby And The Front Line, who is working with her for her EP.


Before arriving in Baltimore, though, Natalia honed her craft in Brazil and she was able to develop her musical talent and passion thanks to her parents, both professional musicians. Her musical career started very early, where she took part in a lot of prominent music projects in her hometown Campo Grand.


Later on, the young artist decided to study music and she found the perfect school in UNASP, in São Paolo, where she stayed for two years, before having to move to the US.


“Delayed Afterlight” was self-written and composed by her, accompanied by Eliot Seppa on bass, John Lee on guitar, and Micha Robinson on keys and synths.


The track, witch strong and vibrant drum and guitar arrangements, brings out I Am Night’s amazing vocals, but also her personal thoughts. Through the song’s lyrics, she shows her unapologetic way of thinking: she believes that everybody needs to be themselves regardless of what other people may think or say, finding one’s way, while doing what one believes is right.


As she comments, “I had literally hit my lowest point, I was struggling with mine and other people’s expectations of me, but it was in that isolation that this song was birthed, about how trying to meet those expectations was making me depressed, and how I had to commit to finding my own way”.


Now at 22, she is stronger than ever and uses her songs to express her best self and demonstrate the world that she has what it takes.


Listen to the song below:




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