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Legend rapper, writer and actor Ice Cube has dropped his fresh new single “That New Funkadelic”. Cube has brought back that classic funk and soul instrumental with hints of Prince and the 70s George Clinton-led band Funkadelic. And of course, the artist has packed his own iconic raps in it as well:


“You know the beat so sweet like booty meat, Ice Cube got that new funkadelic”, he raps.



This Friday, Ice Cube will release his 10th studio album Everthang’s Corrupt and has already shared the track list last week. The project serves as a follow-up to his last project I am the West in 2010. Everthang’s Corrupt will include tracks such as “Ain’t Got No Haters”, featuring Too $hort and Cube’s most recent anti-Trump hit single “Arrest the President”.



Ice Cube has shared his intention and vision for the T-Mix-produced banger with Zane Lowe on Beats 1 Radio Show: “I got to do what I do best. When you an artist that’s been in the game, you know, I’m on my 10th album, solo album, so I’ve been in the game a while. You got to do what you do best. You can’t go chasing trends. You’ve got to give them what they expect and what they want”.



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