Iconic London Gallery Set To Reopen After Two Year Refurbishment | Arts


The Hayward Gallery on the South Bank, London is set to reopen its doors on January 25 after a £35 million refurbishment campaign named “Let the Light In”. The focus of the refurbishment project is to bring light in the upper galleries for the first time by restoring its unique sixty-eight glass pyramids on the roof, which never really worked when first installed.


The brutalist building sits along the river and adds its own unique shape on the London skyline, with sharp grey edges and a beautifully bright yellow staircase which connects the gallery to the main thoroughfare. Underneath the gallery is a skatepark, which has played host to many artistic debates of the young generation and continues to be an iconic pit stop for up and coming artists.


To mark its 50th anniversary, the gallery will reopen with a huge retrospective on Andreas Gursky, renowned German photographer. Featuring man-made structures and large collections of things, Gursky tells the unfortunate tale of our changing relationship with the natural world and the effects of globalisation in what he calls his “encyclopaedia of life


Andreas Gursky’s exhibition is on show from January 25 to April 22 and will set the tone for a freshly refurbished Hayward Gallery.




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