Idris Elba Reveals Upcoming Collaborations With Megan Thee Stallion And Davido | Music News


London-based actor, writer, producer and DJ Idris Elba revealed earlier this week that some new projects are on their way. In an interview with MistaJam on the UK radio CapitalFM, he gave a tiny bit more detail on his upcoming agenda.


In this interview, he also explained how music has been more of a priority for him these past few months, saying, “I’m putting out quite a bit of music, man. I’ve been really focused in coming out of last year into this year, trying to put more music out, so expect more. I’ve got a tune with Frankie Wah coming, I think it’s gonna be good“.


In these coming projects, he announced he has been working on new songs with the “Come Together” singer Franky Wah as well as with Afrobeats artist Davido but not only them. The actor has also worked with the rapper Megan Thee Stallion.


The pandemic has motivated The Wire actor to go back into producing music. After releasing “Gospel 21” and “Courteney Cox” featuring Connor Price back in January, he now has many other projects in mind. He would also like to do a collaboration with pop singer Taylor Swift.


We will have to wait a bit to get more information and more teases on these upcoming collaborations. They all seem to be ready to be out there in the music industry but the actor looks like he wants to do more before dropping these collaborations.



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