Italy Immigration Politics Brings Country Under Scrutiny | Politics


Italy has been under the spotlight in the last few days for its choices about its immigration politics. A ship full of migrants was spotted near the Italian coast, but this time the government decided to close the ports and to not welcome the migrants.


The new government has already displayed its stance on the topic with the ‘Aquarius episode’. The new Deputy Ministers Luigi Di Maio (Popular Leader) and Matteo Salvini (Extreme Right leader) decided to put a halt on their immigration policies whom Italy has always actualized.


Others European countries have responded immediately: the French President Emmanuel Macron has described the situation as “disgusting”, Angela Merkel said that “we must stay together in the making of decisions” and the Spanish government has pointed out that Italy’s behaviour could be punishable.


Italians, who do not agree with the government’s choices, decided to stand up and protest with thousands coming together to let the world and the politicians know that there is always a second choice. It maybe has worked in some way because an Italian NGO decided to rescue the Aquarius’ passengers without the Italian government support but with the Spanish help.




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