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William Bill Braunstein, aka Ill Bill, is a Jewish MC and record producer who was born in 1972 in Brooklyn, New York. He first started his career facing a lot of skepticism because all the rap- hip hop music community at the time saw a white boy who rapped which was very peculiar those day.


He didn’t neglect his dreams, though, and he managed to win them over with a lot of hard work .He also had a group in his early career, who were called Non Phixion, but his name got big from his solo albums and performances.


He has released a new single now from his promising upcoming album, Septagram, called “Make Them Die Slowly” and it is a very raw and powerful hip hop song. The feeling of the song is cool and is full of that great underground hip hop tunes. Even now he is always developing his music and always delivers creative vibes with an old school hip hop atmosphere.




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