iLLAMADi + Hayley Cassidy – The Week Ends | Music Video


Well here we are again people… Monday miserable Monday….. but not to worry, I have a new video for you that is sure to kick start your week on a better vibe!!! iLLAMADi releases the visuals for his fun and fresh self penned single titled “The Week Ends”, with the help of the incredibly talented and established London singer/songwriter in her own right, the sensational Hayley Cassidy, who brings the fun reminiscent sparks of summer to the track with the very infectious hook!


This track is just a reminder for every one that is feeling gloomy over the end of summer, that even though that may be true, every cloud has its silver lining, and in this case, it’s that its only five days until the weekend!! So chin up everyone, its not all bad, there is also the fact that Hayley Cassidy is rocking that one-piece in the video! So go on, go check out the video below, and just keeping plugging on everyone, because even though summer passes, the weekends will always continue to come.




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