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The entire song for “Levitate” has been finally released internationally by Imagine Dragons, and it is finally available for consumption. The song is the first single from the band since their latest world tour, and it is for the soundtrack of Passengers, featuring Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence.


A couple of years ago, Imagine Dragons released a short clip for the music video including clips from the actual film, and finally we can all sing to the audio of “Levitate”.


Although the preview of song sounded very close to their previous work, “Levitate” seems to based on a more poppy version of the band rather than their rock bangers that we all loved them for. The main focus are the electronics and synths and there is no real climax, it seems a bit flat, maybe to work well with the idea of floating in space calmly without any excitement.


Overall, it is wonderful to have Imagine Dragons back and our excitement from the teaser has not diminished, it has just shift from excitement for “Levitate” to excitement to hearing more of Imagine Dragons rocking up and creating amazing hits. Let’s hope that their sound has not completely changed.




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