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IMOGEN is an independent artist from Newcastle, who has just shared her highly anticipated new track “I Wish I Were You”, from her upcoming EP 13th Hour that she is writing and recording, and is due to be released for spring 2020.


The young singer debuted with her band only last year, when they launched their first EP titled Faze Green. But her musical objective has always been clear for her, since the day she decided to move to south London to further her musical education.


As she said about her new single: “The concept of ‘I Wish I Were You’ came from some personal experiences with infirmity. I wanted to capture, both sonically and lyrically, the sensation of being unable to be free in your own body coupled with the overwhelming desire to be, or to be someone else entirely!


Her delicate and soul voice starts singing over her own whispers. It is like seeing a musical performance in a 50s bar, where a saxophone plays a deep melody softly and slowly, alongside with the drums.


Melancholic notes make everything more attractive: “So free in your cage / I wish I were with you“, she sings while the instruments are all perfectly coordinated. There’s probably nothing comparable to this musical creation, the uniqueness of this song speaks itself.


Listen to “I Wish I Were You” below:




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