In The Belly Of A Snake Release New Single ‘She’s The Sun’ | Music News


Ricky and Bobby founded their band (with a little bit different name) In The Belly Of A Snake only in September 2019 but the duo have already released their first ever single “She´s The Sun”.


The duo met in Cambridge and besides living in different cities, both managed to work together and create this special piece of music here. Bobby is accountable for the music and Ricky writes the lyrics.


“She’s The Sun” was inspired by the album “Up On The Sun” from Meat Puppets, however, Bobby and Ricky say that their song sounds nothing like it. After finding the right chorus and music, they started recording the single in October 2019 and here, three months later, we are!


And to be fair, I can´t stop listening to this song! Their voices combined with the music vibes let me float in other dimensions and I need them to record more songs! Literally more, so that I can satisfy my desires, so hopefully their long-distance ‘workship’ is going to last long.


The song itself first appears to be about desire, admiration, love and passion, about the sun and the moon being in love. But they are being constantly pulled apart. And, if you listen more closely, you will notice that not every love can be fulfilled and therefore it sometimes there is longing, loneliness and the hope for love, that never dies.


Listen to “She’s The Sun” below:




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