‘Incredibles 2’ Dubbed As ‘Too Feminist’ For Kids | Film News


Incredibles 2 only reached US audiences on June 15 but the movie has quickly become a real talking point amongst initial critics since opening weekend due to it being labelled as “too feminist”.


The movie revolves around the Parr family doing their job by helping people, as superheroes do, but this time the protagonist is the wife who goes out to work while her husband stays at home looking after the kids. The critics were very vocal at the fact that not only is the main character a woman but also that she is the one that is the ‘breadwinner’ as opposed to the ‘man of the house’


Many people used these reasons to criticise this movie, suggesting that it is connected to the #MeToo Movement, bearing in mind that movie was conceptualised before the movement even started.


One extremely vocal critic tweeted: “Tried to relive my childhood by seeing Incredibles 2 yesterday. […] Very modern feminist movie. Leave politics out of cartoons and children’s movies.”


The Feminist movement obviously has an opposing view to this, pointing out that girls nowadays do not have that many idols to look up to in cartons. Some recent examples you might recall could be Princess Merida in Brave or the titular character in Moana.



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