‘Independence Day: Resurgence’: Battle To Save Earth May See A Third Outing | Film Review

Resurgence 27.06.2016ANDREW


This reviewer saw Independence Day: Resurgence last night (Sunday, June 26) and found it neither rubbish nor something that set the heather alight. As most will gather, the aliens come back to finish what they started. It turns out they are harvesters, wanting to mine the Earth’s molten care for their own ends.


David Levinson (Jeff Goldblum) and crew then form an unlikely alliance with another, more benevolent alien race, who give us humans the wherewithal to try and fight back successfully. Also reappearing is ex-President, Thomas J. Whitmore, played by Bill Pullman, a man that is troubled by the events of Independence Day, having scary premonitions of impending doom.


What might strike people who go to see the film is how futuristic the whole film is. Basically, humanity has used reverse engineering, from the first film, to build a very high tech society. The events of said previous film have united all colours and creeds around the world, and have built an ‘early warning system’ to detect extra-terrestrial threats.


Of course, this happens and humanity is only a fraction from total annihilation bar for human ingenuity and the fight to see another day. The aliens are bigger, think Aliens, and so are their unnervingly sized spacecraft. However scary that all sounds, given the certification of 12A, there are reasonably enough lighter moments to chuckle along to.


Overall, the film is satisfying enough, but not exactly classic status. There appears, with the introduction of a second alien race, to be room and scope for a third film, which may, indeed, prove to be interesting. The only thing to say is that the amount of belief to suspend, in order to enrapture yourself with the proceedings, proves humanity to have the luck of the Irish.



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