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US singer and songwriter Indi Faulkner arrives with exciting news for all music lovers, after her debut single “Amber”, which was released in December last year.


ILYK” is Indi’s brand new single that combines soulful, mid-tempo, indie groove with her intimate smooth and magnificent voice. Faulkner’s tender yet powerful vocals perfectly complement the poetic and confessional lyrics. The song reveals the “anxiety after being misunderstood and overpromising in order to compensate for it“, according to the singer.


The instrumental part of “ILYK” features E-bow guitars, Roland 808s and heavily chorused Siouxsie with a slight touch of the Banshees style guitar. It’s that type of the song when you put your headphones on, put the rest of the world away, and enjoy the beauty of the song in your own music world.


According to music critics who have listened to “ILYK”, “The fragile mid-tempo track and the lustrous voice went perfectly together, and I fell in love with listening to it”, and we feel the same way about the track.


Indi Faulkner is a San Francisco based singer and songwriter who possesses a unique talent of combining different genres together, from indie-rock to modern jazz. Her music journey started when Indi was a 10-year-old kid and influenced by the art of The Cardigans and H.E.R, Faulkner’s songs explore such topics as longing and hoping for change.


You can listen to the song “ILYK” right now below:




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