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The four girls from Pillow Queens have released their brand new indie rock track titled “Holy Show”.


Pillow Queens is a queer band from Dublin and with “Holy Show”, they follow up the success of their previous single and deliver a further insight into their upcoming EP. “Handsome Wife” was met with praise and made it into several radio playlists, such as the BBC 6 Music Playlist and the Radio X playlist .


They’ve already performed successfully on festivals and openers for the likes American Football and Pussy Riot. The band is inspired by Dublin’s art scene and solidarity.


With street artists, designers, other musicians and young activists they try to fight against he city’s ongoing housing and mental health crises. For them it’s really important to stand up for queer people and marginalized groups.


Pillow Queens consists of Pamela Connolly (Vocals, guitar, bass), Sarah Corcoran – (Vocals, guitar, bass), Rachel Lyons (Drums, vocals) and Cathy McGuinness (Lead guitar, vocals). “Holy Show” takes their 90’s inspired grunge sound to another level and deals with regrets, overthinking and insecurity.


Holy Show is a song that relays the feeling of regret and insecurity about past words spoken and actions taken, even when they’re ultimately meaningless. The song tries to articulate the heavy burden of being the only person who is concerned about the minute details of how you present yourself to the world”, the band explains.


Together with Kate Dolan they’ve created a meaningful music video with positive queer representation. “We are often observed through a male gaze by male directors. They are often hyper sexualised. We wanted to create something that really captured the joyful intimacy between queer women through a female gaze“, Kate explains further.


Watch the visuals for “Holy Show” below.




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