Indie Pop Artist Orla Gartland Unveils Energetic New Single ‘Zombie!’ | Music News


Dublin based artist Orla Gartland has released a new single called “Zombie!”


“Zombie!” is a track that could be described as upbeat, with an energetic and ambient melody. It’s a track that shows off the vocal power of the singer.


Orla Gartland sings about what it feels like to be with a partner who doesn’t show his feelings.


She explains the song herself by saying “‘Zombie!’ is about repressing your emotions until one day they burst out in one fell swoop. For me, living ‘like a zombie’ has become a metaphor for that way of living; a person so seemingly unemotional that they barely seem alive”.


“Zombie!” is part of her debut album which is still in preparation, Orla Gartland has been accumulating listeners with the release of her latest track, she now has over 700,000 listeners a month on Spotify.


Orla Gartland is a young artist who was born and raised in Dublin, she started making music at a very young age and wrote her first songs at the age of 14. She then moved to London to write and record her songs.


Orla Gartland is a very talented young singer who has already won over many listeners. She is likely to continue on this path with the release of her debut album, which we hope to see soon!


Listen to “Zombie!” below:




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