Indie Pop Artist Tyler Meacham Releases New Single ‘As If What She Says’

Indie pop artist Tyler Meacham has been delving into the layers of love, vulnerability, acceptance, self-awareness, and self-worth, as well as all the complications that surround them.

During “a moment of mourning spent trying to remind myself of my reasons for waking up every day“, the indie pop artist wrote on these subjects for her upcoming debut album titled Into The Fray.

Meacham was climbing the glorified ladder of success and able to secure her dream job, yet she found herself incredibly unhappy. “I followed a very clear cut path for my life—get good grades,get into a good college,pick a major that can result in a well-paying job, get the job and be comfortable forever”, says Meacham.

Her new single “As If What She Says” is a song about self-worth, self-love, and body image. According to Meacham, “A lot of us have a love/hate relationship with what we see in the mirror. Whether it’s our own judgmental voice we hear or someone else’s, this harsh inner-commentary can build up or destroy our self-esteem in the passing of a single thought“.

She adds that, “The story told in the first verse of this song characterizes my inner-critic as a mean girl who never sees me as good enough. Halfway through the song, the tone shifts a bit. Although the lyrics are the same, the feeling I’d like to convey is a reclaiming of that self-image“.

Listen to “As If What She Says” here:


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