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John Torres and Scott Packham are the artists behind the Indie-pop duo Color Fields. On July 10, they released “Animal” from their forthcoming debut EP Pendulum.


Grammy winners Jerry Wonda and Peter Katis were involved in the production. “Animal” is “about our tendency to hide our true selves from one another, and what happens when we stop”.


Torres and Packham are both from Connecticut and came into contact through Facebook in 2011. Torres was seeking a keyboard player when a mutual friend suggested that he reach out to Packham. After an initial sessions Torres asked Packham to join his Folk-Americana Band. They recorded and performed for several years, until the group disbanded.


This left Torres and Packham to go ahead with a new band and create an own sound. Color Fields’ sound flawlessly blends elements of R&B, Rock, Soul, and EDM. Furthermore they use synthesizers next to a guitar and keyboard shaped sound.



At their new song “Animal“ the collaboration with Jerry Wonda led to a more crossover hip-hop/R&B style. “It was such a great experience to work with Jerry Wonda and Peter Katis. They approach things in very different ways, but we really felt like that kind of complemented the spirit of our collaboration” Packham says.


The song is strongly connected to the video which is directed by Adeola Alao. Alao shot primarily on film, which lends to the song’s inherent grittiness. In the video the male protagonist conceals his true nature though a disastrous dinner date.


Meanwhile Color Fields sings in the lyrics: “Cuz there’s an animal, underneath that picture that you had of me. No one knows it all, but you better believe that you don’t know about me.” Listen to the Indie track and watch the video on YouTube below:





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