Indie Rock Band My Ugly Clementine Drop New Track ‘Try Me’ | Music News


One year after they posted their first ever picture together on social media, on Valentine’s day 2019, marking the birth of My Ugly Clementine, the indie rock band have dropped their new track “Try Me”.


Come together thanks to Sophie Lindinger’s dream of creating a band to play some songs she wrote, My Ugly Clementine are an indie rock group from Vienna comprising musicians Sophie Lindinger, Mira Lu Kovacs, Kathrin Kolleritsch and Nastasja Ronck, all well-known artists in the local scene.


Their career together has been a blast since its very beginning, when their first show in Vienna, in the Spring of 2019, was sold out in less than 24 hours. In this past year, the band has been developing their own post-punk approach and created fresh indie-rock tracks, such as “Never Be Yours” and “Playground”, mixing pop beats and guitar interplays.


Try Me” is an emotional song about opening up to each other. About the track, Sophie Lindinger said: “It’s a song about no giving yourself up for somebody else, but still giving everything you can and want for a person you love”.


Definitely more than a love song, the inspiring “Try Me” is part of My Ugly Clementine’s upcoming debut album Vitamin C, expected to be released on March, 20.


Listen to it here:




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