Indie Rock Band Otis Shanti Release New Single ‘Pieces’

Indie musicians Otis Shanti has just released his new song “Pieces”. According to the singer, there’s a very intimate and comforting satisfaction when wearing a loved one’s belongings. Even if it’s just a stray hair on your sleeve or looking at a piece of fabric that they left behind in your space, it gives you an extremely physical form of memory.

A type of memory that lingers on you like a scent or even a touch but it’s just a simple thing that you seem like you can’t explain. The song is about those sensations that come from the tangible things that stimulate the mind reminding us about the love you feel for someone.

Otis Shanty was formed at Hamilton College in January of 2019. The band is composed of Sadye Bobbette on the vocals, keys and visual art creations, Jono Quinn and Ryan DiLello on the guitars, Julian Snyder on the bass and Brian Lynch on the drums. Otis Shanty have a diverse range of indie rock tunes with a little bit funk and psychedelic jam bands of the 60’s and 70’s.

Two more singles will be released this summer, before the debut album release and you can check the band’s website to keep updated. The first single Pieces is out now and you can listen to it here:


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