Indie Rock Duo No Money Kids Have Released Their New Single ‘Wake Me Up’ | Music News


With their third album Trouble proving their talents one more time, the indie rock band No Money Kids have just dropped their latest single “Wake Me Up”, while the group’s fans have the chance to join them on one of their current tour’s dates.


Coming from Paris, the French duo No Money Kids is made of Félix Matschulat and JM Pelatan. After their first meeting during a studio gig, they have soon grabbed the attention of media platforms, as their performances during concerts and festivals made their name stand out from the indie rock music scape.


Many of the duo’s singles have featured in TV series such as Banshee, Night Shift and Veep and in movies like Misconduct, with Al Pacino and Anthony Hopkins, and Baby, Baby, starring Bradley Cooper.


Like their previous releases, “Wake Me Up” also has all the potential to become another successful track among the band’s already impressive musical journey, that has seen them touring across France and Europe.


The single’s intense lyrics “I’m made from iron, you can’t break me” depict the personal experience of singer and songwriter Félix Matschulat of having to go through shoulder surgery. About “Wake Me Up”, Matschulat explained: “This title is both a cry of revenge with a reference to my now metallic shoulder, but also a scream for hope that defies death”.


Screams are definitely part of the music video for “Wake Me Up”, that shows a macabre dance in a sinister forest, where a man faces the darkness around him, with powerful rock beats and a pulsating rhythm to accompany his fight for life and survival. Make sure you check out these stunning visuals!


Watch the video here:




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