Indie Singer-Songwriter Lewis Knaggs Releases New Single ‘Shoulder To Shoulder’ | Music News


Accompanied by piano, drums and electric guitar, and driven by his husky, powerful voice, British singer-songwriter Lewis Knaggs talks about the end of relationships and how to cope afterward on his single “Shoulder To Shoulder” from his latest EP Dreaming When You’re Gone.


About this ballad, the talented artist says: “This song is about finding yourself again after the end of a relationship. Romantic or otherwise. It’s about wishing the best for that other person almost more than yourself. Any relationship you dive into shapes who you are. It’s a song about respecting that and sending love to the other person, even though they may be thousands of miles away physically”.


Before being a musician, Lewis was a filmmaker. He has created visuals for well-known artists such as Post Malone, Tom Walker, The XX and even brands such as RayBan, and in early 2021, he released his first EP Dreaming When You’re Gone.


“I love it when an EP or album just flows nicely and you hear what song is coming next once you’ve listened to it a couple of times. I’m hoping it feels like that for people. Collectively they cover the range of sounds I want to explore with the music I make, it’s got a bit of everything in there other than synths. Lyrically they’ve all been written at a time when making music has really helped to navigate through life. The ups and downs of losing friends, family and love. I’ve put it all in there,” he said.


You can listen to the indie singer-songwriter’s poignant song “Shoulder To Shoulder” just below!




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