Indie Singer Tom Vevers Unveils Brand New Single ‘2006’ | Music News


Singer Tom Vevers has just released the second single from his new EP Space and Time. Entitled “2006”, the single is about the times when everything was simpler, with Vevers offering some introspection and wishing we could turn back the clock to better days.


“I was thinking about being a teenager again and how little things affected me then and how much easier it all was in comparison. When I was at my lowest, I just wanted it all to stop and felt like I’d lost that sense of fun and innocence in my life; that carefree attitude. This song is about that desire for better days and for looking back on the times you were happiest”, said the singer


Contrary to what it seems, this track is very optimistic and warm, especially melodically. A melody that gives hope in a way and puts a smile directly on our lips. This music will instantly make you think of a moment in your life.


Over the last year, in the absence of being on stage due to the pandemic, Tom has been writing and has recorded a 7-track EP Space And Time – a very touching and personal EP as it tells the singer’s story of dealing with his mental health issues but also bereavement.


While we wait for the release of this EP scheduled for May 20, you can listen to his single “2006” just below.




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