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For years now, women have risen to the challenges they face by living and working in a man’s world. Although great strides in equality have been made in the past 50 years, there is still much to be done and women of every race and of every nationality need that extra bit of inspiration to motivate them to rise above these challenges that still remain.


Whether you are a nurse reluctant to take that next step from a BSN to DNP online course, or are simply looking to get a masters in nursing as a preliminary step, you can do whatever you set your mind on, if the inspiration to excel is there. Check out these four female celebs who went to college online.


They wanted something more than their celebrity status and saw attending college online as a great way to achieve their dreams. All it takes is a will to succeed and you will be in a better state of mind to check out online doctoral nursing programs.


1. Hunter Tylo

While many may not recognize the name off the bat, Hunter Tylo is best known for her roles on the Soaps such as the Bold and Beautiful, Days of Our Lives and All My Children. After years in the business since the 1980s, Hunter finally began pursuing an MBA in 2003.


2. Lisa Leslie


Lisa Leslie is a celeb of another kind. No, she is not an actress, singer, model or visible Hollywood star but she is the winner of 4 Gold Olympic Medals and a three time MVP of WMNA. Athletes of this caliber are also celebs in their own right and someone who works out and trains as much as Lisa should be highly proud of her degrees.


3. Marcia Cross


From starring in Quantum Leap to Knots Landing to Desperate Housewives, Marcia Cross is a highly talented and accomplished actress who now has a masters in psychology. Who would have believed that celebs this busy would have time to study but as Marcia shows, it can be done and you too can get that coveted nurse practitioner doctorate degree. Let Marcia be your inspiration.


4. Hillary Duff


From her home in Hollywood, California, this young movie star, singer/songwriter and model attended a New England university online. It had always been her dream to go to college and so she took that first step and even tweeted about how excited she was to finally get to pursue her dream of a college education.


Sometimes all it takes is looking at what other women have done to give you the inspiration you need. If you are thinking of furthering your nursing career, let these celebs be your guiding light. You, too, can go to graduate school and can attain literally any degree you set your heart on. Inspiration is the key and now that you have it, get up and get enrolled. There is no time like the present to advance your career.



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