Gone Girl was extremely successful as a novel, so naturally there are high expectations for the movie; and with David Fincher (Girl With The Dragon Tattoo) as the director, it feels like such expectations could most definitely be met. Author Gillian Flynn kept the world on their toes with the thriller full of unpredictable and incredible plot twists in 2012 – now two years later, her masterpiece will be starring Ben Affleck (Pearl Harbour) and Rosamund Pike (The World’s End).


The gripping story is focused upon the unusual disappearance of married woman, Amy, whose husband, Nick, becomes a prime suspect for various reasons. He used her money to start a business, increased her life insurance, and seems unemotional about her death on camera and in the news. Nick however, always painted a happy relationship and appears innocent at first. After much media attention and intense pressure, cracks begin to show and Nick’s lies and deceits as he starts to act very strange. His behaviour has everyone wondering, did Nick murder his wife? The film will be in cinemas on October 3rd.




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